David Buxton OBE for Sutton and Cheam

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A man in a blazer and shirt, smiling and standing in a sunny park with green grass and trees in the background.

An experienced and successful campaigner and candidate

  • Family home in south London 1990-2005 and Epsom since 2005, 4 miles from Cheam
  • Family have all been patients at St Helier & Royal Marsden Hospitals - for ENT, audiology & other services
  • Regularly in Cheam, Sutton, Wallington & Worcester Park – shopping, eating out, visiting friends & dog walking
  • Campaigned in Sutton & Cheam in the last five General Elections
  • Chief Executive of a West London based charity, former CEO of national and international charity
  • Borough Councillor: Epsom & Ewell and LB Southwark
  • Parliamentary Candidate: East Hampshire and Lewisham East
  • London Assembly Candidate: Greenwich and Lewisham
  • Co-Founder of Liberal Democrats Disability Association after 2 years working as Disability Advisor to Paddy Ashdown LibDem Leader
  • One of five most influential disabled politicians in the UK (Shaw Trust Power 100) 2022
About David Buxton

Five Things to know about David:

David has lived all his adult life fighting for social justice, supporting the poor, the less healthy and the vulnerable, and helping thousands to have greater dignity and respect. He is now CEO of Action on Disability.

  • David has helped with five previous General Elections in Sutton and Cheam since moving to Epsom in 2005. He and his family often go to Cheam, Sutton, Wallington and Worcester Park, visiting friends, shopping, eating out, walking their dog, as well as attending St Helier Hospital for ENT, audiology and other appointments.
  • David is an experienced national and community campaigner, working for over 30 years, earning six national campaign awards. Most recently, David was awarded the Shelia McKechnie Campaigner of the Year (2023) and the Scope Disability Equality Award (2022). For 12 years, David led the BSL Act Now! Campaign, finally culminating is a new law being passed in 2022. He also challenged the Government at the High Court, through a judicial review process, forcing them to increase Access to Work funding by a third and so securing better access to reasonable adjustments in the workplace for all who need them. David is particularly proud to have challenged the government on the barring of deaf people who sign BSL completing jury service, leading to a new law in 2022, allowing deaf people to sit as jurors after 10 years of lobbying.
  • For the last 20 years, David has worked in senior local government and charity management, currently serving as Chief Executive of a charity in west London. As a local community leader, David has a proven passion for local government and the voluntary sector. He values their importance and the everyday impact they can have on older, young and disabled community members, as well as individuals with mental health conditions and other additional support needs.
  • David is well known in the national disability rights movement. He has visited many countries in his role as a Board Member of a European NGO and won a 2nd Class International Award for campaigning (2023). Over his lifetime, he has seen injustice, inequality and discrimination across the world, and this drives him to make positive and fair change.
  • As someone deaf from birth, David became Britain’s first ever profoundly deaf elected councillor in 1990 at the age of 25. If elected to the UK Parliament, he will be the first ever directly elected Deaf Sign Language MP in the world.

Five reasons why David is the best choice for Sutton and Cheam

  1. Experienced Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Councillor and campaigner – David will fight hard to win back Sutton and Cheam. 
  2. Experienced Leader, Team Player and Team Builder – long history and proven track record of winning local and national campaigns, recruiting supporters, motivating volunteers and remembering to say thank-you! 
  3. Experienced Fundraiser – David has many years using fundraising skills to lead and run fundraising campaigns, both in work and with the LibDems, via donors, events and trusts. 
  4. Successful Campaigner – having won both local and national campaigns, David will stand up for liberal values and progressive policies across Sutton and Cheam. 
  5. Truly passionate and knowledgeable about Sutton and Cheam – David lives near Cheam, visits St Helier and Royal Marsden Hospital, shops and eats out in Cheam and Sutton, meets friends, and takes his dog for nice walks in the area. David uses local public transport and his neighbours’ children attend Sutton schools.

We need a real winner. David Buxton has the track record and credibility to win back Sutton and Cheam.

A man with a rosette, holding a clipboard, talks to an elderly woman at her front door.
David meets a local Sutton resident - fix local NHS, we have to fix social care too!
A man in a dark coat leaning on a post on a city street with pedestrians and buildings in the background.
David wants to protect local businesses - strapping business rates to revive struggling high streets.
A middle-aged man pointing at a sutton college sign that advertises qualifications, hobbies, and skills courses for adults of all ages.
David fights for every young person to get the right support, leaving with right skills and confidence.
A man in a black coat standing in front of a building with a police sign, clapping his hands and speaking.
David wants to restore community policing, trusted and focused on preventing and solving crime.
Two men having a discussion outside the royal marsden hospital; one holds a clipboard and the other a bottle.
David meets a local patient - give everyone the right to see their GP within 7 days, or within 24 hours if they urgently need to.

Our Communities First, Not Politics

What’s driven David to leading and winning campaigns locally and across the country has been big issues and how they’ve affected people. Politics has the potential to empower people in Sutton and Cheam and David’s focus, as your community champion, will be to put 100% of his time and effort into the issues that really affect our community. Politics is our tool for change, not a game for politicians!

    David Buxton OBE

  • Strong and dynamic personality - experienced in running national and parliamentary campaigns
  • Ability to campaign and connect with all diverse groups
  • Strategic planner and thinker, in both professional and political life
  • Accomplished and experienced speaker in local and national media

David Buxton OBE - the best choice to win Sutton and Cheam

Orange campaign banner with the text "david buxton 1st choice" and a Liberal Democrat logo; slogan reads "make me your first preference!.
Man in glasses and suit gestures while speaking in a studio with pink lighting in the background. subtitles about involving young people are visible.
Two men and a woman engaged in a discussion outdoors, one man wearing a yellow rosette.
Young man aged 16 (with his mother) spoke about the lack of funding to support young people with autism in primary and secondary schools. David's experience with additional needs meant he was able to support this family.